Picasso AI

Create paintings with AI

Your personal artist at your command. Create paintings and art from your photos. Reincarnate Leonardo Da Vinci or call upon the help of DiAngelo using our advanced AI. Your wish is Picasso's command.


Pick the photo or image you want to turn into a painting. How about a photo you took? A portrait of yourself, a landscape, or anything: it's your wish!


Pick from a wide range of pallets and styles: from Picasso to DiAngelo. Choose from a selection of styles, or upload your own if you found a cool painting style. It could be your own painting as well! Find pictures of paintings online and feed them to PicassoAI.


Sit back and let our AI bring your favorite artist back to life to create a painting for you. Don't worry, they won't turn into Frankenstein.


Create Amazing Works

Enormous possibilities with no experience needed! Yep, none. Just pick a photo, a style, and voilà! However, if you are a painter yourself, you can even upload your own styles.


Pleasant Beach

Created from a photo of a beach using Bob Ross's paintings as the style.

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The Catalyzer

こんにちは Don't understand? No worries. This japanese inspired painting doesn't require you to know Japanese!

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The 400 Blows

Good old Vincent Van Goh. Want him to paint you one? Sure, no problem.

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Check out the samples to see all the cool art and amazing paintings you can create.